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  • Diagnosis
  • Painless Healing
  • Energy Prescription
  • Swift Recovery
  • Drug Free
  • Remote Diagnosis
  • Radiant Self
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What will happen during my interaction?

  • You will state your problem areas, physical and mental
  • Get to understand your current subtle and physical health from our perspective
  • On the fly diagnosis of blocks in your subtle body
  • Our tips to improve your physical and subtle body immunity based on the diagnosis
  • Our prescription of energy medicine for identified areas through precise PhoneAuric™ Sounds
  • You will be online for a max duration of 30 minutes

Who would I be speaking to?

You would be speaking to Jai, the founder of the PhoneAuric™ Therapy. He is an intuitive counselor, life coach and an inspirational writer. He has good experience treating people with predictable results. Jai specializes in subtle field healing. This therapy is done remote without your physical presence. He is gifted with abilities to understand the subtle fields of all beings on our earth plane. With these gifts, he intuitively understands the subtle fields of people. He then helps them to get back on their journey to better health.

How can I call you?

You can call us at the prescribed number sent along with the appointment. Alternately, you can add us to your skype contacts and initiate call over skype at the consulting time. All times here are in Indian Standard Time ( GMT + 5.30). This service is now being offered free to help heal as many as possible.

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