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Being Consciousness

We live in a beautiful world filled with people, things, animals, plants, marine creatures and endless variety of species. Scientists attribute all of these to one single word, evolution.  It looks like after the big bang, which seemingly started the evolutionary activities of this world, plants, animals, human beings have all evolved to express the […]

The Perfect Relationship

Are you one of those who clamor for perfection in relationship? Are you looking for the perfect soul mate who understands you well? The eternal wait seems to continue even if you are married. You look for that perfection in love, passion, intimacy etc.,This search is continual and ongoing for every human being. From the […]

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How To Tackle Anxiety?

This is the age of anxiety, it looks like. We have made tremendous progress scientifically by developing new equipments which could track far flung trips to Mars. Yet sadly, we have not been taught how to manage our anxiety, emotions better. These days everyone is on a mission of prosperity and expansion. While the mission […]

Truth Behind Festivals

Now is Diwali time for many all over the world. The entire India and all Indians worldwide are rejoicing. We eat sweets, distribute gifts and it is camaraderie everywhere.  What is the real meaning of these festivals? Is there a reason why we celebrate these festivals. Let us sieve through to note the transformational aspects […]

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