What is PhoneAuric™ Therapy?

PhoneAuric Meditation™ uses syllabic sounds of ancient languages or PhoneAurics™ to cleanse the subtle body. This is a therapy built on the basis that our subtle body controls every aspect of our physical and hence healing the subtle would make the physical better. This is an experiential truth for the founder of this meditation.

Why do we need this therapy?

Our world is suffering with diseases and afflictions. The treatments for these don’t necessarily consider the whole human being, which includes the subtle body and the physical body. The current treatments are still evolving and have drained us financially and emotionally. The PhoneAuric™ therapy is a safe, innovative technique to heal people faster and safer. Plus, there are absolutely no side effects whatsoever.

How is it different from other meditations ?

It is like any other meditation but with precise dosages and great results. That way this qualifies as a therapy. The therapeutic results and dosage is what distinguishes this from others. In PhoneAuric™ therapy, the subtle is healed first which would then harmonize the physical body.

How does it heal our physical body?

The sound therapy provides precise dosage of syllabic sounds known as “PhoneAurics™”, which would be directed to different planes and envelopes of our subtle body. It is now known that phonons or the sound waves affect the DNA and the genes. Knowing the precise keys to heal conditions and situations in our life results in safe healing, without resorting to drugs and surgeries.

It is based on a complete understanding of the subtle structures surrounding our human body. Our human body is surrounded by many unseen layers which were known by our seers. Prescribing precise sounds to heal these envelopes and planes, produces quantum results. That is, it gives miraculous results from a physical perspective. This provides immense benefit to set right our genes and our well-being.

But, there are so many sound healing methods, how is PhoneAuric™ therapy different?

Other sound healing methods have excessive focus on the brain. Whereas PhoneAuric therapy comes with an inclusive understanding that consciousness or highest knowledge exists in every cell and is focused on the whole body treatment of both the subtle and the physical. Plus, dosages are precise and don’t involve listening to a long tonal recording. It is always guided for precise results.



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