Jai is the founder of SpatioGenetics.com, GeneHealer.com and NumberSpaces.com. He has exceptional interests in the field of genetics and quantum physics. He discovered at the age of 37, that his inner calling was oneness and conscious healing. He has been guided, by his inner voice to bring about, a gush of higher dimensional knowledge onto the earth plane.

He has profound intuitive insights about how human beings could transform themselves with a refreshingly new approach to life and healing.

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Jai has been gifted with a meditation called PhoneAuric Meditation ( Pronounced Fen’auric) from his deepest self. It has been given to heal as many people as possible. This would increase the consciousness levels of our Earth Plane and provide immense fillip to our evolution. Just imagine our earth, free of disease and afflictions. That is his primary life purpose.

He also specializes in subtle field healing. This therapy is done remote without your physical presence. He is gifted with abilities to understand subtle fields of all beings on our earth plane. With these gifts, he intuitively understands the subtle fields of people. He then helps them on their journey back to health and happiness.

He has helped many earthlings to overcome their illness and acts as a counselor for effective stress management. The areas include but not limited to medical, personal, financial and professional. Jai is also an inspirational writer who derives great pleasure in writing. He scripts articles that transform your body, mind and soul.

Jai can be contacted at spatio.genetics@gmail.com.


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