Disease Management

In the modern world, disease seems to be the norm. As we rush to take care of our material concerns, we miss our health. It is never too late to get back on a regime of health and fitness. Add some beautiful syllabic sounds to your recovery regime to make health and fitness, your own.

Disease Management

Healing Sounds

Stop Diabetes

Diabetes is a silent destroyer of our health. When you find it difficult to maintain a active lifestyle onset of Diabetes is early. Listening to the Diabetic sounds will make a deep change and help you to become whole again.
Whether it is type 1 or type 2 diabetes, these sounds will help you to manage your diabetes naturally

HyperTension Champion

If you are prone to emotional outbursts, stress, instability and fear you get hypertension. Combined with heredity it takes a toll of various organs, especially your kidneys and your heart. Manage hypertension and be free from extreme pressure swings naturally. There could be different reasons for hypertensions ranging from genetic factors to lifestyle. These genomic sounds help in your wellness journey

Fertility Mandala

When you don't have children it affects the happiness of the family immensely. These fertility sounds help sub fertile couples to have a higher chance of conception

Overcome Thyroid

Your thyroid is key for metabolism. Directly controlled by your pituitary they play a key role in every aspect of our body. These sounds help to manage your thyroid and related ailments naturally

Manage Autism

Overcome Autism with powerful genomic sounds which rewire the brain for better societal interaction and living. The children with special needs would need all the support from parents and society to bring about a better understanding into their lives.
Overcome Allergy from all sources by powerful PhoneAuric sounds which reprogram your genes. You could be allergic to pollen, food and host of other factors. In addition to existing methods deployed for allergy these sounds greatly reduce the suffering that you go through.

If you are a man who is 40 years and above you have to watch out for prostrate illness. Treat any kind of prostate illness with powerful genomic sounds which roll back disease and invite health.

Lasting Relief For Spondylitis

Spondylitis therapy naturally heals your lower spine through powerful genomic sounds and brings lasting healing
This sound therapy helps to get instant relief from Sinus conditions and treats the root cause permanently.
Use the powerful genomic sounds to rid yourself of knee pain.

The sounds treat piles naturally and provides lasting relief.
Healing Sounds to manage diseases


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