Prevention is Better

Prevention is better than cure. This health proverb should be taken seriously by all of us. We need to guard against diseases that could leave us depleted financially and emotionally. All it takes is to keep our subtle space programmed in a certain way to ensure our organs are working at peak potential. Every organ system within our human body has its subtle space counterpart that exists in our aura. By consciously transforming that area with specific sounds you achieve tremendous benefits and protection against diseases. We have a list of solutions which protect you against heart disease, kidney ailments, brain malfunctions, liver failure to name a few.

Shield Sounds
Heart ShieldOur heart is the key pump which keeps us healthy. Any stress or anxiety has a direct effect on our heart. We need to protect our most valuable resource using powerful genomic sounds. These sounds take care of your heart like your Mother.
Lung ShieldOur lungs are key to grabbing the required oxygen levels into out blood and acts a lifeline for the entire metabolism. Our high stress lives and polluted environment creates havoc on our lungs. Further diseases like asthma etc., could get aggravate because of lung infections. So protect yourself before being hit
Liver PowerOur liver has got more than 500 functions and is considered the chemical factory of our body. Right from storing sugars, to managing cholesterol and to systematize our digestive enzymes, the liver is the key for our healthy life. To have a good appetite and a nice lifestyle needs a healthy liver. Liver sounds energize and harmonize the liver for safe and effective functioning.
Brain Shield

Brain cancer

With the advent of higher radiation devices and our constant comapnionship with our mobile phones constantly exposes us to radiations which weaken our auras and subtle body. This has the effect of mutating our genes and affect our neurons. So take care before we suffer. We can guard ourselves against disease like ALS, Alzheimer by performing the brain shield sounds atleast once in a week.

Renal GuardOur kidneys are vital for our health, They purify our blood and do a grteat service to us. We need to keep them in top shape. Renal guard sounds harmonize your kidneys and ensure they stay healthy for the whole life when done regularly



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