About SpatioGenetics

SpatioGenetics is a life care venture which brings pain free, affordable services to all. We have done lot of intuitive and real research on effects of sounds called PhoneAurics™ on our human body. The results have been fantastic to say the least. Many people have experienced profound transformations in their lives be it recovering from illnesses or finding new meaning to life. They have started to life so fully and energetically.

We use a therapy called PhoneAurics™, to cleanse the subtle body corresponding to our physical body. The transformative healing is based on the premise that every gene in our body has a corresponding co-ordinate in the three dimensional space around us. So, by healing various points around us with precise sounds, we walk back to perfect health. This would also program perfect situations and circumstances for our external life.

This therapy has precise dosage of sounds called PhoneAurics™, which is directed at various planes and envelopes of our subtle body. This produces quantum results to say the least. From a physical perspective the transformation experienced by various people has been phenomenal.

These life changing sounds are a result of intuitive perceptions of our founder, Jai, over a period of 2-3 years, after his awakening. To bring about a positive transformation to the consciousness of our earth plane and to share these deep secrets to the entire world, he has setup SpatioGenetics.com and GeneHealer.com. He has named these sounds as PhoneAurics™ ( Pronounced Fen’Auric).

Put simply, PhoneAurics™ are a gift to the world, from the highest and the deepest which lies within every one of us. The scope of these sounds encompass almost anything and everything that you can imagine in this world and beyond. These sounds are intuitive and heal the electromagnetic field around you to bring lasting benefits to your mind, body and soul.

The secret to the world of PhoneAurics™ is, to understand that by healing yourself, you are healing the entire world around you. What better way, to contribute to awakening of the higher consciousness across the world! So, be a forerunner of positive transformation and welcome the light age, where our perceptions are undergoing a paradigm shift.

We have successfully treated many ailments through PhoneAuric sounds. The user has to spend few minutes in the morning and evening to enable him to sprint back to perfect health. Besides the diseases, SpatioGenetics also has therapies to positively transform life necessities like money, security, reduction of fear, elimination of addictions, healing love and many more.

The founder of this therapy has deep insights about healing and life. An expert subtle body healer and an avid enthusiast of genetics and quantum physics, Jai has woven together a beautiful healing mechanism which has worked for many people. This therapy has zero side effects and helps to re-script your lives naturally. He has aptly named this as Genetic Healing™ as the therapy influences the DNA and genes, the building blocks of life to bring about permanent change in your body, mind and soul.

SpatioGenetics offers free therapies, so that you feel comfortable about where you are going before embracing the life changing healing methods.


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