Toll Free Vacations

Every vacation is fun time. It is a family re-union after all. We have been running all year through for our profession. It is quality time in a different ambience spent with our loved ones. How good did you feel after the vacation? Did you need another vacation to recover from the after effects? You are not alone in this list. Let us discuss how to have a toll free vacation, if there is one.

What is a true vacation?

Our minds have been running wild all the time. A true vacation, be it a process or place should rejuvenate your body and mind. Many of us fly long hours to some exotic location to experience freedom. But we end up burning our pockets as well as our health in the process. We also carry negative vibrations of the place as well as people who visit those places.

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Are you saying that I have to stay at home without any vacations?

No. When you plan one, don’t be compelled by the peer factor. Choose a place which doesn’t involve very heavy air travel. The air travel damages your aura and is the last thing that we want as a by-product of our vacations. We already do lot more air travels in our professional lives and a vacation shouldn’t be one which exacerbates the already flagging health.

What is Aura and why is it important to safeguard it?

The personal electromagnetic field around you is your Aura. It exists up to a distance of 3 arms length around your physical body and is an intelligent field which shapes and protects us. We also call this as subtle field.

How do you say that air travel isn’t good for our bodies?

Our earth is protected from harmful radiations of other heavenly bodies by the atmosphere. During air travel we fly at heights exceeding the protective layers of atmosphere. This exposes us to radiation that could cause genetic mutations. Our Aura holds the key for our gene expression. Once this is affected our genes don’t express properly and leads to diseases like cancer etc.,

Are you scaring us not to have a vacation?

Certainly NOT. Choose a place that is close-by for vacationing. Better still find a place within your own home to go deep within. That will be a better vacation than the external ones which come with a heavy price tag.

But won’t you be left out if you don’t go on a vacation? My colleagues do it and it is important in other’s eyes that we go on a vacation. What do you say?

As long as we are run by what others think, suffering is the only result that we will get. Take a trip deep down your self and then you can recommend that vacation to others. I am not saying that we shouldn’t travel. But be prudent in your choice and avoid travels to places just because the other guy has gone there.

What are the precautions that we need to take while vacationing?

It is impossible to avoid relevant travel these days. When you travel make sure you cleanse your subtle bodies just like you take a physical body wash when you come home. That would make sure the unnecessary vibrations of places and people don’t affect you. It again depends on how sensitive you are to the environment. If you are not so sensitive, you would feel that you aren’t affected. But internally the damage to your genes would still happen.

One of the ways to cleanse your subtle body is through, the PhoneAuric™ meditation, Aura Booster. It has the capacity to give you a subtle body wash so as to protect you. Spending few minutes in the morning and evening will help you keep your center and avoid disease.

Can any other meditation help in achieving the same?

Most practices aren’t focussed at anything. They teach you to empty your mind so that you can experience stillness for that time. But once you come back you still have to contend with negative vibrations and entities in your Aura. The PhoneAuric therapy has precise understanding of our subtle structures and enables us to cleanse the subtle body.


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