How To Overcome Addictions

Anything that you add to your life which then becomes very sticky is an addiction. This can be food, dress, cosmetics, smoking, alcohol or drugs. How do we get attached and become a slave to all of these? Are there methods to overcome these? Let us investigate together.

What Is Addiction?

Addiction is an add-on which becomes a mainstay and drives our needs every day. We are forced to depend on the artificial conditioning that our body and mind go through. Once the bad habits are formed, it is very difficult to break those.

Who gets addicted and what do they get addicted?

All of us in a way or other are addicted to certain things.  My friend buys a new car every year. That is an expensive addiction. Few others are attached to food. If you are a foodie, your health could suffer. Others could be attached to the opposite sex in a very unnatural way and may spend their hard earned money on girls and gambling. Smoking, Alcohol and drugs are bio-destructive. There are few more who are addicted to work, fun, movies and beverages.

addiction 002

How is addiction different from natural usage of things, substances and people?

Addiction is a craving. This condition gets programmed into your minds and hard to erase. Addiction as opposed to natural affliction is a life eroding condition. Addicts expect to go through their conditioning more often than normal people. Furthermore, the root of addictions is typically stress, anxiety, worries and lack of emotional support. Some of these could be due to your upbringing, environment and many genetic.

How can addiction be genetic?

When you get exposed to certain kind of substance you are actually conditioning your gene behavior.  Excessive, unnatural usage will program our genes to behave in a certain way. You then pass these behavioral genes down to your future generations. Likewise even our own addictions, could have come from our ancestors.

Addiction and Genes 001

Does it mean that we have no choice but to suffer?

The most important thing is to form healthy habits. These could leave beautiful habit forming genes for our descendants. When this is tuned towards alcohol, drugs, smoking and excessive food, sex etc., we are negatively programming our future generations. So be mindful of your habits. There are ways to overcome these genetic programs that pain us. One way is to take up meditation. This will re-wire your genes and help you and your descendants.  

Will any type of meditation help?

Yes, at least that will be a positive habit formed. This will calm your minds and help your personal and professional life. But to get to meditation, you need to purge yourself of some conditioning so that the transition is smooth and effective. This conditioning can be done by programming your subtle fields around you with precise energy codes. These suppress and change the addictive genes. This will be a great bridge for a pure addiction free life. Make a beginning and listen to the PhoneAuric™ Meditation for a addiction free life.


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