Success Sans Fear

Success is an attitude. To me, earning a lot of money is success. To my friend maintaining his health is success. So the yardstick of what constitutes success, is at best relative. It depends on what you value to be the most important stuff, to focus on.  Are these true measures for Success?

Well, in a way Yes. The world around us has shown us only these since our childhood. We have been conditioned to be part of the rat race and it is definitely based on the axiom of survival of the fittest. Are the fittest ones really good enough? Are they free from fear psychosis which is at the root of every desire and its fulfillment?

Fear has been used to catalyze us right from childhood. Comparison is a means to activate fear and push us to perform to the limits. This has certainly helped us to live financially fulfilling lives and is at the root of every culture to various degrees.

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But many people who have succeeded through the fear neuroses don’t seem to live a truly integrated social life. Their money could buy few more things but that hasn’t secured them lasting peace. Is there a way that we can model our society with a greater understanding of fear?

Can achievement be built on the foundations of sharing and unity? Is this an Utopian world that I am pursuing? The Utopian can become a definite reality, if we heed to the wise ones understanding about fear.

Fear tackle

What can we do?

Number one thing is, don’t have fear as your motivation factor. Use hard work, methodical planning, trust and friendship as a catalyst.

Number two; don’t attach yourself to the results of your planning. Just be even headed and focus on execution rather than be worried about the outcome of results. This will take lot of pressure out of the current moment. It is only then you can start living.

Number three; be as much present as you can. Start observing things that were invisible to you till the time that you were driven by fear. When you are relaxed, a great attention to detail comes as a gift. This will make you razor sharp and improve your performance.

Number four; don’t consider your rivals as enemies. Let there be healthy attitude, when competing. Remember the old age saying, that all of us are one. This will help you to see others fears and negative qualities as very natural. There will be more compassion than hatred, when you do so.

As an investment to the world’s future, inculcate right understanding about fear to our children. Fear always isn’t bad. It should be used as a pinch of salt. Fear shouldn’t be used to program them for achievement as this will surely pollute all of our descendants.

Finally remember all of what we earn, whether it is money or everything through money is impermanent. This very thought will free you from the hold of fear. Irrespective of our achievements, all of us have to finish our earthly assignment some day.

Some would have name and fame, few others could have been shamed by life, but at the very end we are all the same. We will do our very best everyday for the benefit of all of us. Let us take the selfishness out and consider your colleague and the man next doors as your own. This is a sure shot remedy for leaving a better world to our loved ones.

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Who see all beings in his own Self, and his own Self in all beings, loses all fear. Let us pray and act for a world which is built on true oneness and an integrated achievement. Know that it is not power or success which corrupts, but fear!


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