Who Wants To Be A Pauper

Our lives are fast. It seems that we can hardly stop for anyone or anything. The human juggernaut rolls on with grand desires, exceptional stress, fast money, quick relationships, short-term success and so on. Are we really missing out something here that our ancestors had enough? Are we truly millionaires or paupers? Join me to investigate.

One thing is sure. We have a millionaire thought attitude. We have many thousands of thoughts every minute. This would total up to a million in few days, the kind of returns, very few stock markets can match. Our minds are prolific thought producing machines. Has this helped at all?

You bet, it has. I made that million dollars through my innovative thoughts. I attracted my beautiful wife with that success. I did buy a Ferrari which was the cynosure of all eyes and that multi-million dollar beach home which was everyone’s envy. I have made my life.

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Agreed that you are made. But how is your mind doing? Oh Yes, I am looking for the next million, which I hope to invest abroad on a business venture. My wife would want me to buy her a Murcielago. I am pretty sure to get that for her by this year.

How are your Children? Oh, I hope they are being taken care by the Nanny who is paid several thousand dollars for her job. And your parents? It has been many years since I met them. I hope to have a re-union during this Christmas, hopefully!

These are familiar success stories that people spell out. Is life, to be lived only to go through such material acquisitions and short-lived pleasures? Think about it for a moment. Every success make you empty and you strive for the next success. That is every success makes you like a pauper, it leaves you empty. You are relentlessly getting to success somewhere in the future, missing the goodies that you already have.

Our grandfathers and grandmothers had a richer life going by their mental peace. They were quite content with the jobs they had and went through everyday celebrating what they had. They lived a rich social life spending years nurturing their children. Their attitude and outlook were like a real millionaire though their bank accounts didn’t show one.

Don’t think that only materialists have a pauper attitude. Spiritualists have also become paupers. Searching for that next elusive guru, yearning for enlightenment sometime in the future, attending sermon after sermon hoping that it would bring salvation. It looks that both extremes have the pauper problem.

This is not to deride materialist as well as spiritualist who are working for their future. It is only an attempt to highlight the price paid for being a victim of a restive mind.

Do you see any remedies here?

A sure shot remedy is being a pauper in thinking. Be in the Now and think only as needed. This will make your life deep and meaningful. You would be able to observe details with greater ease, when you realize this.

Accepting what you have now completely while methodically striving for improvement is another. This is not to be confused with complacency. This is the only solution that will free us from clutches of time.

Know that everything that thought has bought is evanescent. It will all vanish one day. Don’t hold anything very close to your heart for its very absence would cause you endless misery. Appreciate what you have Now, till it is with you. Learn to let go. This applies to people as well as things.

tackle presence

Have infinite compassion for everyone. Treat others as you. That will give immense relief and true happiness. These are the few things that can make a true millionaire. Wouldn’t you agree?

It seems that there are many millionaires who are paupers and many paupers who are millionaires. Be a pauper, while thinking irrelevant thoughts and be a millionaire, by your presence and compassion. Anything apart, will be cast aside by time.

Work like you don’t need money, Love like you’ve never been hurt, Dance like nobody’s around!! In short, enjoy life!


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