Key to Evolution : Intimacy or Celibacy

Evolution has different meaning to different people. For a materialist, it would mean figuring out ways to progress materially, thereby enabling the world to enjoy the finer things in life. For a spiritualist, the term would mean the depth that he touches by going within himself. Does being intimate or celibate affect any of these pursuits? Let us investigate.

Intimacy or Celibacy? This is a topic which has existed since men and women have been here. The magnetic attraction that each gender has towards another has shaped society, religion and politics. Many a war have been fought for one or other. We are still waging a battle in our mind fields, as one beats the another every other moment. Is there a practical guide for these? What effect does it have on our physical and subtle bodies?


What is the reason for our existence? If you ask a materialist, the response will be that, he is here to earn money, have a partner, enjoy intimacy, have children and so on. Is there anything wrong with this? Absolutely Not. I wouldn’t be writing this nor would you be reading this, but for that. It is good to have a family, healthy relationship and all the fun associated with that. After All, the entire global economy is a product of intimacy in one form or another.

Is there any chance for the celibate then? What are his views? Is he forcing himself to be a celibate or is he a natural. In the world’s view, the celibate is a repressed lot. They have suppressed their rightful means of expression to extremes. So then, why should we be discussing this? Let us look at what happens when you are a celibate, naturally.

The juice of every man has great energy. There are millions of sperms teaming in our vitals every day. The collective consciousness of the sperms, are amazing. The celibate transforms these to enhance his stillness and presence. The alchemy of the middle-ages has indirect allusion to this utilization of man’s potential to find something beyond. The celibate has a point. Are we here just to lead a mundane life with repeating pleasures and pain? Or should we make a leap into the unknown?

Many religions have derided intimacy to promote stillness and peace. But what we see has many doses of the other side. The pure one, many a times lose their celibacy and get wrong press exposure. And there is a big cry everywhere about the purity of such organizations. In my view, truth isn’t entirely in celibacy or intimacy but intelligent use of both.

Engaging in constant intimacy weakens our body and hastens our end. At the same time a well-regulated intimate life, is brilliant for our body, mind and spirit. The oneness at the physical level can be experienced only when opposites merge with each other.

The family man needs doses of celibacy to center him and for his other creative activities. The celibate needs a worldly expression to release his suppressed emotions. So, striking a balance between the two is absolutely essential. The rules governing each of these groups exist as a social condition that has prevented emergence of healthy consciousness.

Do we know, what happens in our unseen subtle fields when male and female auras merge?

The auras of two individuals mix with each other. When there is love, affection and coherent thinking among partners the auras become constructive. Else, they become destructive. So, choosing partners should be done carefully. Your soul mate should be coherent with you. You should let your heart decide on this.

Is there then a verdict on celibacy or intimacy?

There should be an intelligent use of both, for constructive all-round spiritual and material excellence. This will take us beyond narrow beliefs and social conditions, which have held us as prisoners of the past. Happy Evolution!


Jai is an intuitive counselor and an inspirational writer who spends his free time writing. He is an expert in subtle field therapy and is committed to the wellness of all earthlings. He has helped many people to be free from disease and rediscover their lives. He can be reached at  or


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