Reverberate For A Resounding Life

It is well-known, that sounds can be used to heal our life. When you are down or depressed, we often listen to some soul-stirring music. This has the effect of providing the peace or the adrenalin for us to move on. Do we know, what really is happening? And, can we use it to transform our lives? Read on…

Sound as a healer was well-known right from the ancient days. The ancients healed themselves by going into a sound chamber. Specific frequencies healed disease and gave them all-round well-being. We are now at a stage where higher dimensional knowledge is slowly pushing the frontiers of health and every aspect of our life. How would it be, if we can attract relevant circumstances into our life, by just listening to some sounds? Could this be true?


Sounds that we hear are a form of energy. At a fundamental level, everything is energy. It means that our Universe can be affected by energy. Our bodies which are a micro-universe in their own right can be dramatically re-programmed for better health, through sounds. Our ears act as receptors and tunes-in for all of the audible sounds. Every cell in our body resonates differently to different frequencies. What it means is, even our cells can be  transformed. The implications of this statement is very deep.

You might ask, what is the big deal here? Though everyone knows this truth, do we know what specific sounds are healing and harmonizing. There are sounds that disrupt our health too. Blaring horns and angry shouts have their own effects on our body and mind. Peaceful and soothing music has a calming effect. The seers of our ancient traditions knew this secret very well. In the march of time, we have lost great deal of this knowledge. They knew the sounds that gave good health and those which destroyed. After all, life is all about tuning-in, isn’t!

Our scientists have done lot of research on the sounds. They have found that certain frequencies have a profound healing effect on the DNAs, which are the foundations based on which our life is built. They have also have used sounds of certain frequency, to entrain the human brain. The influence of sounds on our bio-chemistry is another truth, to which we are waking up to.

Are there any facts that we need to be aware before exposing yourself to such sounds?

All sounds are energy. This has to be received in a certain quantum, for the healing to be effective. Just listening to a recording of a tone for hours in the name of meditation can have unpleasant effects. We are re-programming our body and mind, when we expose ourselves to such sounds. Our DNAs become better or bad depending on those sounds.

Sound can’t be consumed like an OTC pill. So before listening to a piece of sound, know that the peace it gives you is the absolute criteria for choosing one. When the sound makes you still, you touch the deepest within you. You emerge invigorated after that.

Our subtle bodies have a precise structure and directing sounds to different planes of our subtle body give direct results for a satisfying health and life. So tune-in for a re-sounding health!

The author has done enough intuitive research on healing sounds and their impact. With this knowledge, he has helped many to re-script their lives. He can be contacted at


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