How Not To Host A Ghost

Does the title send a chill down your spine? Worry not, help is available to bust the Ghost in us and you! Do we know, what is an entity or ghost is?  What does it do to us? How can we eliminate these to live a happy life? Join me as we investigate this issue together.

Many times, we are subject to slight irritation to major mood swings. What follows is a step-by-step degradation of our health and which later translates into variety of major diseases.  Do we know, what is happening? Human beings are being subject to certain forces, which limit our expression and efficiency. How do we identify, when we are subject to such attacks? Are there any precautions to all of this?


First let us define what an entity or Ghost is.

It is an intent expressed through thoughts. At a higher level, every human being is just a thought. So, we are all in a thought pool, manifesting the goodies and the not so.

Thoughts are extremely powerful and can create or destroy. If it is negative then it can destroy or limit the target. The entity creating these thoughts can be human or extra-terrestrial. These can be at any frequency level. The target here can be a human being or any other life form.

Our world is made of polarities, positive and negative. Many a times it is shades of polarities, ranging from very negative to very positive. You will be surprised to know, that we often are the source of both.

How can an entity or intent affect us?

Any intention, by any human being living or dead, or for that matter any life, has a ripple effect on the world around us. If it is a positive intent, it helps the world and us. If it is a destructive type of intent, it has the ability to plunge us into major disease and problems. Most of the cancers that we see these days is because of entities destroying our subtle field which directly controls our genes.

What are the symptoms?

Unexplained Irritation and listlessness, Unperturbed Anger, Deep Fears, Insomnia and Loss of Appetite are the symptoms of the ghost attack. It isn’t easy to observe yourself, when you have been taken over by the entity. It swoops on you and you realize that something has gone wrong only after the destruction is done.

Many times, the target is your own health. Unexplained stress takes the toll on you. This will reflect on your relationships, work ethics and social well-being. But the funny fact is, most of the society is suffering from these attacks and to you, this listlessness could be perfectly normal. Often, the price paid is heavy in terms of broken relationships, unsatisfactory jobs and a feeling of non-achievement.

Sudden illness is another symptom. Lost productivity and medical expenses would be a blow to anyone. Around 80% of the diseases on the earth plane is because of non-awareness of the presence of entities and their destructive effect.

What really happens?

Our personal electromagnetic field is punctured by these ghosts and they reside on our aura. They feed on the light conduits feeding energy to our bio-circuits. The subtle energy or our personal electro-magnetic field is compromised by these ghosts.

The subtle field  is what controls our genes. What this means is, our gene expression is affected and can result in serious diseases like cancer etc., They feed on us to survive and to accomplish what they want. These entities could be human or extra-terrestrial. If it is a dangerous ET possessing you, then it becomes extremely difficult to free yourself from those.

What can we do?

First and foremost is to manage your aura well. Eat right, exercise well, choose right people for company, choose the job that you love. Say goodbye to stress. All this goes a long way to make sure your aura is strong and acts as a defense from these trouble mongers from within and without. Take up practices like Yoga or meditation which increase your awareness and attention. All these practices make you extremely sensitive and aware of these marauding entities. Always be present and be in the ‘Now’.

Next time you feel anger at someone, release it immediately. Forgive the person, responsible for your anger. For any anger, snowballs into a major energy sink and slows us down. These could invite entities into our field.

If still you find the going tough, you could take the help of intuitive counselors who could help you to be free from these entities. Happy Ghost Busting!

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