Immortality: A Myth or Math

Who would want to live forever!  Wouldn’t you agree, if we define immortality as living with perfect health and relationships, till nature wants us back.  This is often debated and man has tried every possible mean to extend his stay through either alchemy, herbs, etc., But there has been no satisfactory answer to this question. Are the keys to perfect health well within our grasp?

All of us have 23 pairs of chromosomes each that we inherit from our parents. Each of these chromosomes have a helix shaped DNA structure holding precise instructions to guide our cells and organs. These units of instructions are our genes. Scientific research has established that these genes could be influenced by the subtle field around us.


Our scientists have been searching the micro molecular domains in the area of genetics to map out the sequence of genes. This has added more clarity on each gene and its expression. New understanding every day has pushed the limits of genetics and its applications. The genes hold the key to everything and our complete understanding would solve various issues faced by Human beings.

Can we influence our genes to satisfy each of these areas and live a long block-buster life?

Surely we can, when we know how to manage our subtle field. By subtle field, I mean the layer of space which is filled with precise details around our body. These are unseen to our eyes just like electromagnetic waves are invisible to us. The way our environment influences our well-being has been well understood. One who lives in a peaceful, happy environment has less stress and goes on to live longer than someone who is in a clustered and breathless space of the modern cities.

immortality 002

When we perform practices like Yoga, martial arts like Karate, Taekwondo and other practices like Qi Gong, do we know what happens to our subtle field?

Surely we are trying to give a workout to our physical bodies. One other thing which happens is the immense change to the electromagnetic field around us. The co-ordinates of this subtle space has been less understood and hence we have been unable to define clear results from these traditional methods.

Each of the physical chromosome and its underlying genes have a precise geometrical co-ordinate in the three dimensional space around our human body. These chromosomes and  their corresponding co-ordinates on the subtle space are well-defined. These can be understood only by a intuitive health care counselor. Healing these co-ordinates results in a long healthy life indeed.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating, as they say. Our health can be measured everyday by the quality of our physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. By treating the space around us we can live happy, long lives.

Math remains a Myth for one who doesn’t know the fundamental axioms, But once known, it isn’t a myth anymore. Likewise, the great secret of life is being unveiled by the new age consciousness sweeping the earth plane. It is time, we lift ourselves above mediocrity and take back what we truly deserve.

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