7 Secrets For A Radiant Aura

The term aura is a commonly used to describe the personal electromagnetic field around our bodies. Just like our body, our aura has a health index. Having a good aura regulates health and wealth. We start attracting relevant circumstances into our lives with a strong and good aura. Let us look at the factors, which could give us a bright aura. This could shift our lives forever.

Aura’s health is determined by visible factors like diet, dress, beauty supplements, spouse, friends, environment and habits. Let us drill down to see, what to utilize in each of these areas, to have a radiant clear aura. Choosing right elements in each of these areas can greatly enhance our life.

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It is needless to say that our diet is key to our well-being. When the hunger pang strikes us, nothing else seems to matter. We run to satisfy ourselves. But, do we know which of the foods, result in a shining positive aura?

Fruits and nuts are at the top of the chart. Bananas, strawberry and orange top the fruit chart. Even among fruits Apples, grapes, guava are neutral on the aura. Pesticide free vegetables like cabbage, cluster beans, greens, cucumbers, tomatoes, lemon are all great choices. Vegetables like potatoes, carrots, green pepper and peas color your aura. These foods make our aura dull and heavy. Their use needs to be limited.

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Non Vegetarian food like meat, fish, eggs also retard our aura. Ghee and buttermilk make our aura super powerful. Milk and curd or yogurt are neutral and have no significant effect on our auras. The lighter foods are soft on our cells and the additional reserve energy can boost our auras.

Dressing right gives a mysterious shift to our aura. Colors are known to heal the mind and body. Choosing the right color for our dress is very important. In the visible spectrum, yellow is the best color for boosting our psychic immunity.  Wear yellow shirts to have a radiant aura. Orange, Green, Blue, violet and red color in that order produce favorable effects on our auras.

You might wonder how this works. This is quite simple. Each frequency of light within the visible spectrum has a certain effect on our physical and subtle body. By choosing a certain colored dress, we are directly influencing the aura. This has a positive effect on our physical bodies.

Let us come to beauty supplements. If you are using a soap to cleanse yourself, know that not all are good for your auric wellness. Soaps that have neem are the best and should be used. Using chemicals to cleanse your body could have a dangerous influence at the genetic level. So, always use organic stuff for beauty supplements. Use chemicals very minimally.

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Now spouse. Our choice of spouse, has to come from our heart. Don’t fall to infatuations which could be short lived. He or She spends most of their time, within our auric field. If they have noble intentions, our aura will be safe, else there will be great damage to our health. Never choose your life partner based on factors like money and beauty. Spend time to connect with them. Let your heart decide if he or she is the right person. This will have a direct effect on the longevity of both your lives.

The same applies to friends. The company that you keep directly influences your well-being. Keep away from negative people who are greedy and jealous of your progress. Even talking to them would suck energy out of you. So exercise care to avoid friends who can drag you down energetically. Again listen to your body when deciding this. Any uncomfortable feeling in your gut would indicate a ‘No’. If no sensation or pleasant sensations, then it is a ‘Yes’.

Environment is a mega factor for your wellness. The place where you live should be peaceful and heart warming. Avoid places which make you uncomfortable. The effects of environment is known to affect our genetic health and hence directly all our descendants. So choose a good place to live and work. Even at work, if you aren’t comfortable with your environment, boldly go for a change.

Next is clean habits. Cigarette smoking, drugs and alcohol punch holes in your aura and invite negative entities to stay in your auric field. Most diseases are caused by weak or damaged auras which are the direct result of the above factors.

So, be aware of what you do with this beautiful form. This could make or break, not only you but all of your descendants henceforth. So take care and ensure the best possible choices in all the seven areas mentioned above.

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