Am I Nothing Or AmINo Thing

Well, this has always been a fascinating debate between realists and nullists. The nullists say that this world is a nothing, while the realist proclaim that indeed it is teaming with information and can’t be dismissed. Is there a right or wrong view, here? Let us dive deeper and investigate.

You might wonder what is in the title. I was inspired by the amino acids, which are the building blocks of life. These along with the instructions from our DNA, which is in the nucleus of our cells, create all proteins and enzymes which sustain us. So after all, human beings are an amino thing, when we go under an electron or proton microscope.


Why would a nullist say that this world is a nothing? He clearly knows that our five senses are our filters and hold us in a trance. All we see is an enormous time-space drama. He has gone beyond this little play that is happening in the cosmic consciousness. He knows that all of this exist in the lap of the supreme undifferentiated consciousness, which he has touched.

He looks right too, for he brings a perception to which most of us have not been exposed. His view is that reality doesn’t exist and only so in our Mind. So, the nullist has gone beyond his mind and touched something so pure that he can vouch for it. Would the realist agree?

Certainly Not. To them, this world is real. The fast cars, beautiful girls, great food, buzzing commercial activity all look so real and exciting. Who would want to dismiss this world as unreal? This being the macro world, there is a micro world which is even more exciting where the rules of the game are very different. That is the quantum world of genes and its manifestation.

To a realist, there is a clear blue-print based on which we are produced. We are born and dead based on that code. Our wellness and illness is based on that code. Who can deny this, as it is based on scientific proofs that exist now. The realist has also realized that this blue print is not only based on what is observable but also on unseen factors like our L-fields and T-Fields. So even within the realms of science there are areas which scientists know exist but aren’t able to observe.

All life is driven by the subtle. Even our DNAs are mysteriously guided by the unseen. At the quantum level there is a known duality of matter as waves and particles. Principles like entanglement and coherence exhibited at the quantum level continue to challenge our scientific minds. So the truth is that we still don’t have all answers.

The march of time has brought great inventions and discoveries which has made the present world possible. But does time really exist? It only exist in our minds which is unseen and therefore the very basis of this world still exist in thin waters. During our dreams we have seen that everything is so real but when we wake up all the beautiful things that we had is no more. Are we all in a dream too? Nobody can answer this.

Even as our quest to know more goes on, let us remember this. We are part of the grand consciousness which has made all of this possible. And for one who has touched that deep level this world isn’t any substantial. But for most of us materialist, we would still continue to go through the pains and joys of this world.

It is a leap of faith that separates these two. If the jump is internal then you realize the grand truth. If the jump is external then the world materializes. But the trick is to have a balance between your inner and outer to bring the deepest into the material world. This would make the AmINo thing, as beautiful as it could get!


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