Are We Holograms Of Reality?

This is an interesting scientific and metaphysical question which has done its rounds in several spiritual and science workshops. Before delving deeper, do we know what a hologram is? Sure, we have played with the holographic pictures and have seen laser machines beam 3-dimensional forms with precision. In simple terms, the whole image of the hologram can be constructed from any of the several smaller parts of the hologram. Do we humans exhibit the same qualities at the physical and the subtle levels? Let us investigate.

holgram 001

Look closer and deeper at our physical bodies, we immediately realize that we have all made our way from just one cell. This one cell was the output of the meiosis process between a sperm and egg. The process of cell division and differentiation have created the variety of tissues and organs which give us our current shape. In-spite of the differentiation process, which has taken the initial embryonic cell into specialized cells like heart cell or liver cell, the genetic code is still present in all the cells. That is, be it a skin cell or hair cell, we still have all the 23 pairs of chromosomes stored in our cells.

Just for clarity purpose, let me compare each human cell with growing children and their conditioning. Groups of cells get specialized, just like children are conditioned for different professions in their lives. Some go on to become scientist , some farmers etc., This is a social conditioning that we experience. In a way, this conditioning helps us to meet the needs of the society as a whole. We need all sorts of people to make a healthy balanced society. Likewise, there are different groups of cells that are formed for specific purposes within the human body. These go on to become organs like heart, liver and others.


We have seen, that the whole genetic information exists in every little cell. So, there is a potential for re-constructing the whole body from any fragment of our human body. That is by definition a hologram. In fact, ongoing research in stem cell therapy, points to the same fact. Recently, scientists have been able to generate embryonic stem cells from stem cells of the skin. This holographic potential of human beings has triggered wide spread interest within the scientific community. They have termed this process as pluri-potential, to express the multiple potential of any differentiated cell, which has the ability to generate the parent embryonic cells.

What we see in the physical level happens at the subtle level too. We are all surrounded by a light field which holds our material body intact. Do we know, how the DNA cells have learnt differentiation to construct our human body? As a scientist, we could say that the secret is in the sequence of genes, which have precise instructions say to become a heart cell or a skin cell. But who is switching these on and off?  The secret is in our subtle body. This subtle body is the personal light field which has precise information about the physical human hologram. Though our senses don’t allow us to see this field, the physicists have confirmed the existence of a master light field around us which influences our physical hologram.

The evidence of the presence of every physical human being, is an evidence of the highest consciousness ,which is holding all of us together. There are scientists and physicists who have been seeking pre-evidence for consciousness itself. What they have missed, is the little bit of consciousness, that they are,  that which I am and that which you are. The whole consciousness can be expressed by the little human being, just like in a hologram. This again is a potential and is available for the inquiring one.


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