To Think Or Not To Think

Have you ever thought about this? To Think or Not to Think. Well, if you have an answer to that, you would have solved life’s puzzles with effortless ease. Many a times we are just day dreaming, mainly based on our fears and future expectations. As a result, we tend to lose out on what we do in the present. The scientists are discovering that such a simple statement, isn’t so simple after-all. Read on to know more!

Our thoughts are nothing but energy. They affect everything in our environment in a subtle manner. When you worry a lot, you often make life difficult for yourself and others. Many a time, these thoughts may not be your own. You could be connecting to your partner’s or friend’s thought field and making that into your own problem.

In a day of 24 hours, most of us sleep for 8-10 hours. Your sleep, could be a dreamless happy sleep or a sleep filled with constant switch from happiness to unhappiness and vice-verse. Have you ever noticed, that when you have lot of dreams, you wake-up listless, the next day morning. Why is this so? Also, while awake, when lot of thoughts come to you, you feel crowded and lose energy!

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We all know, our human body is made of battery of cells that function ceaselessly. By thinking compulsively and unnecessarily, do we make life for those cells difficult? In other words, be it in sleep or waking state, how does our T-Field or Thought-Field affect our well-being. A whole lot, is the answer!

Our thinking does interfere with the working of our cells. We are nothing but combined consciousness of all our cells, both physical and subtle. So before thinking, be aware that, with every thought, you are drawing some of the energy of your cells. These make them function far less efficiently than what they are capable of.

This doesn’t mean that you shun activities like planning. Be the master of your mind. Use your mind, only as required. This will ensure that you preserve lot more energy for the numerous activities that happen within our bodies and for necessary external work. So, preservation of vital energy acts as a shield, to protect us from diseases and as a tonic for our well-being.

The quality of your thoughts matter too. Every one of us are transmitters as well as receivers. We are constantly broadcasting and at the same time tuning ourselves to receive from the world. These unseen bio-waves determine the health of all the beings on Earth. Constructive happy thoughts, amplify our well-being, while health debilitating destructive thoughts, adversely affect us and our loved ones. So, being aware of this fact means quite a lot to our partners, co-workers, children, friends and pets.

We are all from one source and continue to be one, despite variances in our physical traits. Even in this oneness, we have our unique signatures in terms of our personal thought space and the field around us. Each one of us, can enhance each other by thinking relevant thoughts, only when necessary. And, when you do think, let that be constructive which amplifies each of our well-being! That is our only passport to the forgotten land of oneness and healing!


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