Conscious Evolution

These days the mention of the word consciousness could bring raised eyebrows and it gets mixed up with occult or spiritual. Is this really so? Let us delve deeper to understand the mysteries of existence and consciousness!

We would like to see this from two differing angles: one is inner and another is outer. The inner world is the world of genes. The outer is the unknown and which is formless to our perception. When I say perception, I mean whatever our senses allow us to withhold. Can the unseen, unknown perceptions of the formless hold the structures and keys to the consciousness levels which mysteriously guides all living beings in this and other Universes. Or can one alter the inner and profoundly affect the outer? Let us investigate!




As per Science, every living being becomes whatever it should be through its genes. The way they get expressed into a human being, ape, plant, fish etc., is still a mystery. The answer to this can’t be found through what has been known in terms of genetic sequences or advances in genetic engineering.

Experienced biologists and geneticists now agree that every gene expression gets activated by patterns or signals. This pattern has to be from the environment. It has also been clinically proven that even after removing the nucleus of a cell, the cell continues to discharge its duties effectively. What are the implications of this statement?

There is this discipline or study of genes called Epi-genetics. This focuses on the effects of environment on our genetic expression. The ape and man should have differing levels of consciousness which then guide their expressions to be an ape or a man. Even within a human being, for the same cells to specialize as a heart cell or a brain cell also implies unseen guidance from consciousness.

One other study took  a swab of saliva from a human source. They then placed it miles from the human source. They then performed an experiment, the results of which proved entanglement at the level of genes. They exposed the saliva to certain set of radiations and noted down the results. The human source was monitored at the same time in a distant location. The same effects that were observed in the saliva sample were also observed on the human source.

What does all of these prove? Are we then a distributed or a non-local being? If a physical sample exhibits such a coherence can our thoughts also follow suit? We have only touched a tip of bigger iceberg which should be revealed as our understanding and perceptions of the unknown improves.

And now take the human being who is a conglomeration of close to 100 trillion cells, each having its own consciousness. Each cell has its input, output and each one knows its functions precisely and knows when to grow and die too! Does those cells know who they are part of? Do they know that they are part of Caroline or Robert? Likewise could we human beings be part of a bigger conglomeration ?



Am I dreaming all these or could it be a reality? From my perspective it is a definite reality and we are part of spirals of consciousness. Each of the spiral only takes us to a higher level of consciousness. The cells have been expressed in a certain manner by levels of consciousness to produce an animal, plant or a human being. Each of these are part of a bigger collective and get regulated by the rules of that collective being. This being in turn is part of a even bigger spiral and this goes on.

Indeed, our dream here seems to be made of spirals of consciousness! As we move up the spiral consciously, our experiences and expressions undergo a profound transformation and this is what we refer to as EVOLUTION!


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