Being Consciousness

We live in a beautiful world filled with people, things, animals, plants, marine creatures and endless variety of species. Scientists attribute all of these to one single word, evolution.  It looks like after the big bang, which seemingly started the evolutionary activities of this world, plants, animals, human beings have all evolved to express the highest that is, our consciousness.

What do we mean by this word, which is often used in spiritual discussions? Do we really know what consciousness is? Is consciousness to be sought outside us or within us? These are questions, which come up time and again. Let us delve deeper.

The consciousness is all that is.  This world is a creation of our minds. The bodies that we take and the genes that define us are also adaptations of our mind. Our senses are also products of our mind.

What we see through our senses is very limited.  Yet, it does look that there are tremendous variety of things that we could enjoy through our senses. Yet if you ask the question where our mind is, none can answer it. So it is also for our consciousness, which can’t be sought through our limited senses.

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Consciousness can only be observed by its expression. This could happen through multifarious creatures and things. When we say a person is highly conscious, it means that he is in touch with his depths, most of the time. He or She becomes an instrument through which divinity flows.

Closely watch, what you go through everyday and you realize that we are all creations or adaptations of consciousness.  Every human, animal, thing that we see expresses a certain level of consciousness.  It does look that consciousness has taken plethora of shapes and sizes. It also looks like that consciousness expresses itself at various degrees through various forms of life.

Just one look at our DNAs would convince of an enormous intelligence, which expresses itself through our genes. Simply put the order and the intelligence that runs this world, yet unseen is consciousness. It is the bedrock upon which all our experiences exist.

Are we then equating consciousness to GOD? The consciousness takes different adorable forms, that we draw inspiration and energy from. These we call as GODs. Your GOD could be Krishna, Jesus, Prophet Muhammad or Buddha. Yet these forms are expressions of consciousness and have left an indelible mark in the evolution of this Universe. The consciousness through certain forms makes other forms to learn about itself.

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Our job here on the earth plane is to be a wonderful expression, anchored in the depths of our consciousness. The music of consciousness flows through the flute of life, in which we are all different holes.  As long as the holes are clear, the music is clear too. But when we burden ourselves with the ego that we have built for ourselves, the music may not be heard at all.

Our bodies and mind must be prepared to express this music of life, which is consciousness itself. Rather than searching outside, each one has to go deeper within. Once you know yourself, then the music, which has been playing, all the time is heard or expressed. This is the symphony of life through which consciousness finds itself through our limited forms.


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