The Perfect Relationship

Are you one of those who clamor for perfection in relationship? Are you looking for the perfect soul mate who understands you well? The eternal wait seems to continue even if you are married. You look for that perfection in love, passion, intimacy etc.,This search is continual and ongoing for every human being.

From the time that he is born he has a relationship with his Mother, Father and siblings. As the child grows up, the network expands with friends coming into picture. When adult, you look for a partner for sharing your intimate moments. While this looks to be a no-brainer, the quality of such relationships is what makes our stay on this earth plane worthwhile.

relationship 001

In this world of plus and minus, everyone looks to the other to complete themselves. The child looks for support from her parents to thrive, while the wife looks towards her partner for recognition and intimacy. These are pointers to our deep need for oneness. So, everyone is looking for something that is present in others, which makes them whole and worthwhile.

If you are keenly observant, many times this is because of our own insufficiency, that we look out for others so as to complete our lives. Most of the problems also arise because of this very fact. If the husband doesn’t keep up the promise, the wife is upset. The relationship becomes sour.

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If you look at the newly married ones, everything seems perfect for first few months. All defects seem to be hidden under the carpet. Suddenly, the love relationship starts to sour as one of the partners takes it easy with the other one. The neglect is sensed quickly by the other partner, which then snowballs into a crisis. Unless you are present enough, your marriage will turn acrimonious.

relationship 003

Can each one of this be a perfect relationship? What do we have to know or realize before every relationship becomes beautiful?

This is possible when we realize that the only relationship that we need to have is the one with our deeper self. The externalization of the needs of physical relationship is because of a deeper yet unsatisfied need for your own self. As each of us make this discovery, even our external relationships become beautiful. It no longer is demanding and dependent. For once we know our true self, the obsessive need for the other partner to recognize you would vanish. That is the beginning of a remarkable life, where each one of our relationship is a love relationship.


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