Truth Behind Festivals

Now is Diwali time for many all over the world. The entire India and all Indians worldwide are rejoicing. We eat sweets, distribute gifts and it is camaraderie everywhere.  What is the real meaning of these festivals? Is there a reason why we celebrate these festivals. Let us sieve through to note the transformational aspects of such festivals, be it Diwali, Christmas or Eid.


Whenever there is celebration, there is mass concentration of consciousness on certain aspects of our life. This represents a great period of change for the entire earth plane.  Divisive consciousness gives way to one of unity and happiness. Though this is for a day, the effects of such festivals, protects the world as everyone’s mind gets focused on similar thoughts.

What happens when we all meditate? We tune into a certain frequency of thoughts or thoughtlessness and experience freshness. Just like meditation, festivals are a time when all the mind essences are focused on a unitary subject. This can be used to transcend the mind and experience compassion with others. Where meditation helps to experience stillness, the festivals are an opportunity to experience oneness and sharing.

compassion 001

When we share gifts with our friends and relations, there is a great sense of happiness which seeps through our being. This is touching the eternal, in our daily lives. If the sharing is truly ego free, it is really an aspect of the deepest divine.

Now can everyday be Diwali or Christmas or Eid?

Festivals teach us an important aspect of living in the moment. When we celebrate such festivals, we set aside all our worries for that day and really enjoy ourselves.

Can this joy be there in every moment of our lives?  Absolutely, a man who is truly wise, celebrates every moment. He or She is in touch with deepest all the time and goes along with crests and troughs of life, like a true light wave.

That is the message that we need to carry every moment of our lives! That will be a true celebration for Mother Earth to see all her inhabitants resonate beautifully and harmonically.

Have a moment-ous Diwali!


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