Moneyness Or Moneyless

This entire world is running for an entity called money. There is an ancient saying,which spells out, that this world is only for those who have money and the other world only for those who have grace. Though this looks little bit polarized on the money side of things, who can deny the importance of money in our consciousness now.

Without money, you are nowhere. One’s life is spent chasing money and its associated necessities as well as pleasures. Man would never say “no” for money. There is space to receive as much as possible.

Many a times, even when you ask a millionaire, whether he is happy, response would be that he is NOT!  Though this may not be the conclusive mindset of all those who are rich, but it certainly represents the vacuum created by presence of money and continuos pleasures. Ask the pauper, if he is happy, he would retort with a NO! While he is chasing money for his happiness, the millionaire is also looking to get to the next orbit for the next wave of pleasures.


You might wonder then what is true happiness. True happiness needs a mindset which isn’t shaken by the presence or absence of money. You have to work hard, earn your money for basic security, necessity and pleasures.  Many a times, even the hard work isn’t good enough to live that prosperous life.

To realize that our life is perfect every moment is a great gift. And, to know that we can choose our own future is even greater. The choices are available for the discerning ones, every moment. The key is to retain the balance even if we swing to the extremes of moneyness and moneyless.

Unless you shift your mind, even infinite wealth may not bring peace and happiness.

But don’t you think that security is the key even before we talk about shifts in consciousness etc.,?

Absolutely, that is the reason why we give a solution to progress each of us to sufficiency with respect to money. This is accomplished using a sound technology to accelerate our choices w.r.t money.

Can you be more specific here? How can we attract money into our lives?

The keys to moneyness and moneyless is in our aura. The money karma is stored at a certain point around us. If we know how to program that point, it is possible to transform ourselves to be receptive for money.

Will this work for all of us?

Each one has a bag of tendencies, with which we come into this world. Some has a pauper tendency and some other has a millionaire attitude. By practicing the sounds, both these groups can make dramatic shifts for receiving money that is harmonic and which doesn’t create imbalance in their lives. You would get enough to run your lives well and yet be happy.

After all the basic reason why we go after money is to get happiness, isn’t!


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