True Nature Of Mistakes

When was the last time you fumed about someone, who had let you down or committed a mistake. The chances are that, many of us could end up at the receiving end, many times a day. Do we let these mistakes ruin our day? Do you continue to judge the other person, accusing and branding him? If that is so, we need help to understand the real nature of what is transpiring.

This world is peopled with innumerable species. We are blessed to have been gifted with an incredible intellect, which we have used to create miracles through modern science. Inspite of all these laudable achievements, we have not been taught the basic education of managing our mind and our perceptions towards others.

blame 003 Our instinctual judgements, insinuations against others seem to erupt now and then completely spoiling the day for us. These outbursts can be eliminated, if we know the fundamental truth of who we are. The maid who works for you, the friend that you love, are nothing but an aspect of divine. At the deepest level we are all one.

If you remind yourself of this basic yet powerful truth, you would never be thrown off your center, when someone makes a mistake. We are all here to learn and discover the unity, which we have forgotten. When every man and woman remembers this truth, our consciousness can fly to the highest skies.

These again doesn’t mean letting others failures to pull us down. This only means that all that we do gets done from a beautiful center. The primary reason why we are unable to touch the deep stillness within ourselves are the impurities in the form of stress, anger, jealousy, etc., These color our sense perceptions and our deep connection to the pristine divinity, which lie within each one of us.

Is there a way that we can re-discover the depth of our being to really help ourselves and others?

Try to spend atleast 10-15 minutes every morning to introspect your true nature. To accelerate your own self-discovery, pick up a practice, which brings you to your center. This has to be done everyday continuously to enable you to connect to your own depths.

Then one fine morning, you could be smiling at the petty one that worries and derides others. Suddenly, the inseparable part of you which was accusing, branding others would seem separate from the real you. You would have known that your ego, which has been haunting you, is your willing servant.

Your true life starts then, when you see every man and woman out there as yourself. This is the meaning and beginning of a sacred life, where even mistakes are considered a stepping-stone to higher truths.


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