How to protect yourself from Radiations?

Radiations are everywhere.  They accompany us all the 24 hours. Even when we sleep our laptops, our mobile phones emit radiations and continuously affect us. Is there a price to pay for all of these? Let us investigate together.

Modern world is smaller. You could see your near and dear ones with a simple video call or you can do a teleconference through utilities like skype etc., It is a blessing indeed for family members to see each other whenever they want to. Our mobiles have advanced so much that it helps us to keep in touch with our dear ones.

Cellphone hazards

What appears to be a blessing can turn dangerous too! We are all carrying a little device which could potentially finish us off for the rest of our lives. The radiations that are emitted from these mobiles permanently damage our auras and cause gene mutations. This results in most of the malaise that we see in terms of modern day diseases like ALS, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s etc.,

You could say that all of these are inherited. While some are, many are caused by the malfunction of the genes due to the effects of radiation from our mobiles, laptops, desktops etc., Just imagine an office complex which has thousands of such devices which are enclosed in glass. What we see is a live ticking bomb that is destroying the mental and physical health of this generation.

These effects aren’t limited to office complexes. At home, we have plethora of devices to showcase our appetite for latest gadgets. While none can stop the march of time and its associated progress, don’t you think that we need to take a break and think how we can protect ourselves and our families…

It is not good enough even if we have radiation protected shirts which supposedly shield us from effects of radiation. Our Aura is 3 arms length around us and any radiations around our 3 arms length could irreparably damage our genes. The education can’t stop with you as others could be contaminating your subtle space when you are outside.


Is there a method by which we can protect ourselves from these harmful radiations?

Yes, there is. There is a powerful solution to this problem through PhoneAuric™ sounds. These are well defined syllables focused on different planes of our aura which is surrounding us. The aura which is invisible to our human eye is actually the storehouse which has all the intelligence about our body.  By treating the space around us and energizing the aura we build a powerful electromagnetic field around us which then protects us from radiations.

More specifically, each organ has its own subtle aura points, which needs to be energized to protect them. The brain which is the computer on our head which helps us with logical and creative actions has to be protected just like any other organ.

There is a set of powerful genomic sounds which has been released as part of the Brain Radiation Shield therapy that we offer. This protects all of us from effects of radiation from laptops, mobile devices and any other electromagnetic device that could damage our aura. Similarly there are other shield series sounds which protect different organs from both external and internal imbalances. Don’t wait until it is too late. Try the sounds and be protected.


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