New Ways To Enable Children With Learning Disabilities

We call children with learning difficulties as special children. But are they getting special attention? Not enough is the resolute answer. Parents go through tremendous pain when bringing up children. If the children have some learning disabilities, the pressure gets multifold. We often see parents age faster and become victims of disease and illness. Is there a way that we can manage these better?  Let us investigate together.


Who are special children?

Special children have their brains wired differently from the normal. This is because of indifferent gene expressions and mutations. They come into this world with a very different outlook. Our indices in measuring normal children fall apart when dealing with special children.

What are the steps parent should take to make the child better?

First accept them as they are. Shower great love on those beautiful souls who have stepped on this earth plane. Do not compare them with the milestones that happen with the normal child. The biggest part of coping up with special children is a perception shift from the parent’s viewpoint. Know that they are here, and we should do our best to make them socially acceptable and figure out ways for traversing this world. Never for a moment consider this as a burden but consider this as a responsibility towards thousands of special children. You then could light up the lives of several families struggling to cope up with their children.

Are there any methods to make them better socially?

Though we have many rehabilitation centers teaching us how to handle this issue, there is a highly secretive technique that comes from our seers that enables these special children to start seeing the world in a normal way. This is an acoustic technique which helps to re-wire the brain by bringing deep genetic changes.

What is the investment that parents have to make and how long before they see some results?

The only investment is their time to guide the child during the therapy.  A self explained audio directing the parent to hold their attention at a certain place behind the child’s head is needed. The power of the sounds are then directed to a certain area which holds the key for the brain betterment . When done for 48 days deep changes are brought into the child’s brain which changes its perception. He or she will start seeing the world very differently as the sounds bring deep subtle and physical changes.

Who is the founder of this therapy and has it been tested on children?

All of these sounds are a gift to this world and were shown to our founder, Jai Kannan, by his inner master, during deep meditation. These sounds are intuitive and has worked well on all the children tried so far. There are no side effects to this therapy.  There is nothing to lose and everything to gain by deploying this.

Are there any techniques to improve brain based performance like IQ and creativity?

We have solutions for those too. Beautiful PhoneAuric™ sounds open up the portals in our brain that has remained hitherto closed. These up our IQ and creativity. Many people have used it and have experienced greater clarity and success in their lives.

Is there a scientific basis to all of this? How can we trust your statements on this theory?

All of this is based on intuitive research. Intuition is a higher soul science and gives great benefits when you open up to it. Scientifically too, scientists are waking up to the realization of the effects of our Aura’s or our environment on our health.

The PhoneAuric™ therapy is a futuristic therapy that operates on the premise of perfect knowledge of the subtle space around us. When we alter our environment our genes respond to that too. This has been understood only on the detrimental effects of radiation etc., so far. We can use the same premise for positively altering us.

Again it is always good to judge after experiencing the therapy. Once you have seen the results then that is an ample proof of the effectiveness of this therapy. We offer free therapies for many areas and the users can go ahead after they have first hand experienced some benefits.


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