How To Make Your Bitter Half Better

Man-Woman harmony in relationships has evoked great debate every time it has been discussed. Despite wise ones or elders of different cultures, giving great suggestions as to how to deal with this, we still have strong differences between spouses. In the modern day stressful lives, this problem of disharmony between spouses is looming large. So, this demands a completely new viewpoint. Let us investigate together to see how this can be addressed.

Only very few fortunate ones feel that they have a perfect and happy relationship with their partners. Others struggle to move through life and it does look like a battle for them. Disputes and arguments seem to be the order of the day.

Troubles could come from any quarter. What starts as a simple dialogue could get heated up for even minor differences. This then snowballs into a home crisis. This could explode, create great friction and has the possibility of ruining relationships altogether. Unless one of the partner is alert enough, they could easily separate.


Is there something that each of the partner can do at all to move through life with ease?

Every human being is a microcosm. He or She has a subtle electromagnetic space around him or her. His or Her resonance with other humans or environment keeps changing much like the position of our earth changes continuously with respect to heavenly bodies. Our life is one of resonance or dissonance with others and our environment.

When there is resonance there is happiness and ease. But when you are out of sync, trouble starts brewing. You seem to take out on others or there is a feeling of guilt, anger bubbling underneath. This could destroy the fabric of relationships built over several years.

In other words, your moods and reactions towards others are all dependent on what each other bring to the table. The subtle electromagnetic field around us is continuously changing because of our thoughts and other’s thoughts. In a way what we think tunes in or tunes out others. So the trick is to be the master of our thoughts.

But not all can be masters of their mind. Another easy way out is to cleanse the subtle space around us, which has master switches that push the buttons within us.

Can you tell us about structure of our mind? And how can this structure be purified?

Our mind is a collection of thoughts bubbling up from the unconscious, sub-conscious planes of our mind. They seem to run pretty much every aspect of our life. These thoughts act on precise locations around our human body. These locations then dictate our emotions that we feel in our body. These emotions then rule our life. It is very difficult to control your thoughts but much easier to cleanse the space around us. This has the effect of cleaning the causes even before it hits us.

What do you suggest for a happy married life?

We have to take responsibility for the space around us. Take care of the space around us like a temple. Just like we cleanse our physical body take time to cleanse your subtle body. The subtle body is also called as Aura. When both the spouses take responsibility for their aura’s, then life can be much smoother. Your bad emotions then will lose their power and you will stay in total control.

What can we do to cleanse the subtle body around us?

Every morning and evening use the PhoneAuric™ sounds to cleanse your Aura. You would then have much greater control both at home and away. You can also heal certain points which increases the attraction quotient between partners. This makes the bonding between spouses better.

Is there any Yoga or other traditional methods that can be prescribed for the same?

Yoga is great but as long as we don’t know what to heal it is just like performing certain actions without being sure of the results. True enough, Asanas have an effect on our subtle bodies but there is no guarantee that all of our subtle bodies is cleaned perfectly.

So to be completely thorough, we deploy sounds around us to cleanse our aura’s. This gives greater results immediately. Further listening to sounds is just few minutes and is easy on your time too.


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