Go Miles With Your Smile

How many days has it been, since you said “cheese!”?

Are we taking life too seriously? In these troubled and hectic times, smile is something that has been dispensed with for a work-like painful grin which is a mirror of our stressful lives. Let us discuss the importance of smiling not only for our bodies but for our auras too. Can our Aura, which is the subtle body around be influenced by a hearty smile? Read on…

The humans are surrounded by an electromagnetic field, which acts as a blueprint which guides every activity starting from the one cell meiosis process that took place triggering our birth to our development into a full fledged adult. Every cell within our body, is controlled precisely by this electromagnetic field.  We grow from a one celled body to the beautiful, thinking, loving, tangible being, by the guiding field around us.


Well, how does all of these relate to a smile?

Do you know that our heart is the most powerful electro-magnetic field emitted by our body. A genuine smile opens your heart.  When that happens you connect with other fields, which are simply the other humans and all of nature. Any creative process happens with sharing and unity. More you connect with others, more you utilize the universal intelligence.

Have you seen great leaders smile often. People are blown away by a simple smile of the wise and beautiful ones. Governments can fall or be created by that smile. When you genuinely smile, you have infinite intelligence backing you. You connect to that invisible field which makes things happen for us.

Smile does wonders to our health too. It makes our Aura super strong and helps to up our psychic and physical immunity.  Smiling is something that happens spontaneously. But in this repressed world, people  are scared that smiles could bring trouble. What if the other guy comes to me for a favor, if I smile? It could be a pain. We allow our calculating head to rule and compromise on the beauty that could be created by our genuine smile.

Above all, smile could land you a job or the girl who you loved or the much needed project which could be your lifeline.  Or, simply a smile could be your passport to great health!

So guys, don’t keep your lips and cheek locked, but flex it genuinely for a hearty smile! Let smile be your sermon, that wakes up the divine within, to create for you and others!


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