The Art Of (Being Present At) Work

Modern day work has been consuming all of us. Very few of us can claim to have a dream job. If the perks are good, your boss could be a moron. If your boss is an angel you could still be unhappy due to your peers. Each of us, seem to be truly stuck at work, with one issue or other.

If you think changing jobs is a solution, think twice. We try to escape from all of these with a new job and new set of peers. But have you noticed, that the same kind of drama gets repeated over and over again in your new job too. Let us investigate why and how of this together. Lets us discuss and find some solutions to these.

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Each one of us step into this world with certain set of tendencies. Some of these are inherited and many others are conditioned by our upbringing. Our genes condition many of our traits and our reactions to people, situations and environment. Some of our successes are already built-in.

If your traits are considered favorable or positive by the society you live in, you grow. Else, you suffer the ignominy of being considered an outsider at work and at other places.

Are you saying that we can’t improve ourselves then, if everything is conditioned by our genes?

All I am saying is that our pre-dominant traits are being programmed every minute. These affect not only us but the future generations as well. Though we already have a set of traits which influence us, we still have the free will to work around those by our presence and observation skills.

What do you mean by presence and why is it important to improve ourself?

It is a state from where you create all good things. It is also a state of mind from where you are able to observe the not so appropriate habits with dispassion. Without self-observation and introspection, there is no improvement.

How can you dial into that state of presence?

That is your natural state and you get there when your mind is quite. All great creations happen from that state. It is everyone’s birthright but one that is seldom used.

What you are talking is relevant only for spiritualists, why would you want to talk about presence to materialists?

It is more important for materialists than spiritualist as it is the materialist who creates this beautiful world. That can be made even better when it gets created from a state of presence.

I still don’t understand how I am going to put all these at work? Can you elaborate?

We seem to be perennial escapists. We are good at moving to the future than handling what we have in the present. Even while working, you worry about your pay hikes and the eventual success or failure. The only stuff that you can control exists with the work that you do now. If you do that well, you could create a solid foundation from where everything else is built.

But what you are saying may not guarantee me a pay hike or to anticipate my politicking peers? How do you handle that?

What I say will guarantee a quality product, which is built from a state of Presence. Your company’s well-being is intricately dependent on this fact. With more presence, you and your colleagues can make your products win hearts of your customers. This is the mission of every organization. This will directly result in more profits and better share for all of you.

Can you share us methods how we can be more present at work?

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Number one: Don’t be intimidated by other’s progress. When you focus on your work your turn will surely come. If you focus on fame all you get is heart-burn and stress.

Number two: Never work for money. Just focus on building great relationships and superb products. This will make sure money works for you.

Number three: Don’t try to be an escapist. Tackle your hardest problems or people head-on. When you operate from a dispassionate yet dynamic state, people and situations turn into your favor.

Number four: Take care of your physical and mental health. Take breaks to dial into your silent state. Meditate whenever you have time as this helps you to come back invigorated and ready to go.

Finally, Know that there is no place that you can go to get that freedom. Wherever you are, be there totally. This will ensure happiness and well-being at work.

Jai is an inspirational writer and the founder of He is an expert health care innovator who helps people to free themselves from stress and live truly liberated lives. He is also the founder of PhoneAuric meditation which is a cure for many modern day ailments. Visit to know more.


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