What is Gene Healing?

Our genes are our expressions, both in terms of health and disease.  The scientists have been searching for the elusive gene which could give us perfect health. The search is still on but yet the place of search has been misplaced. Could the true key to this mystery lie in the subtle fields that surround our physical body?

Human being is a microcosmos.  He or She is inextricably linked to the grand reality that exists outside. Human beings are a beautiful and ordered expression of unfathomable divine. Everything in our Universe expands and then contracts, as the scientists and philosophers would surmise.  The precise details with which Human Beings have expressed themselves has astounded all.

The miniature genes express and change themselves over the course of our lifetime. The environment and the subtle fields like the electromagnetic fields surrounding us determine whether we wake up fresh or sick. It programs our happiness and wellness. Is there a way to program these genes?  In my view, it is a resounding ‘Yes’. Science has not advanced enough to see or interpret the keys that could alter the wellness or even the future of human beings.

genetherapy 001

What if we knew of a method by which we all could be healed without making too any incisions or medicines.  This form of healing has existed and is making its way back.  The symptomatic way of healing currently would be augmented by healing the field around the human beings. We can see ourselves as a energy field that can be programmed, If only we knew the parameters to this process, then most of us could live long and healthy lives.

It has been scientifically proved that our emotions influence our DNA and that our genes influence our physical world. It is also proven that our emotions are from our heart which is the organ emitting the biggest electromagnetic field. A simple extension of this is that if we heal the subtle field around us then we influence the genes which give us well being.

The theory that we all originated from the Big Bang indicates that we were all one at some point in time in the past. The physicists have already proved that any objects which have been together exhibit entanglement effect at the quantum level. By a simple extension, we can easily see that human field which is electromagnetic can heal the genes thereby altering our expressions.

This possibility has been known for ages but not divulged. The special form of healing is making its way back and is available to those who have faith. When you have faith, you become a participator in the grand drama of life that is unfolding. Also faith opens up your heart to be able to influence the field which connects us all.

This form of healing has specific parameters which program the unseen subtle field around the human body. The range of issues include wellness, abundance, relationships to mention a few. The entire gamut of what we see as issues can be re-programmed through subtle genetics.

Watch out for future blogs as I share details about subtle genetic healing which is the way forward for the light age we have stepped into….


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